Sunday, January 06, 2019

Introduction to v2

Zen Cart v2 represents a major shift from previous versions. We are introducing a lot of new re-written code, which is meant to make life easier for those developing with/for Zen Cart, and to make plugin code easier to install.

To help developers we are also creating lots of new documentation resources for that code.

Getting Composer

If you don't yet have composer installed, do this first:

  • go to
  • download and install
  • follow the Getting Started instructions.

Generating code-level documentation (php-documentor)

Assuming you have a complete checkout of Zen Cart on your local machine, and have run composer install to set it up for development work, you can generate the php-doc documentation by running the following from the root of the repository:


If you get errors that it won't/can't run, be sure to run:

composer install

or even

composer update

to set up the dependencies.

Unit Testing

To run unit tests with phpunit, you must have composer set up, similar to above, and then you can run the following from the root of the repository directory:

phpunit -c testFramework/unittests/phpunit.xml

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