Sunday, January 06, 2019


Admin action classes are a new way of writing code for admin pages. Previously admin pages were called using a URL like http://localhost/admin_dir/categories.php and each page was a mixture of procedural php and html.

Zen Cart v2 allows you to write code that is object oriented and separates code from html.

It does this by using a similar URL structure to catalog (storefront). Instead of accessing code for a 'page' directly, it uses a front controller. e.g the URL http://localhost/admin_dir/categories.php would be written as http://localhost/admin_dir/index.php?cmd=categories

Two things to note here.

1) You don't need to manually create these links in your code. The admin version of zen_href_link() will create them automatically, so there are no changes required to existing code if you're already using zen_href_link() correctly.

2) The controller supports legacy code, such that if an admin action class for categories does not exist it will default back to using admin_dir/categories.php

Admin action classes are stored in the /includes/library/zencart/Controllers/src/admin/ directory

The action class must extend one of the abstract base admin classes, currently either AbstractController or AbstractLeadController

How it works

admin/index.php is replaced by code that provides a minimal front controller. The code in admin/index.php looks at the URL and sees if there is a 'cmd' parameter. If not, it assumes this is a legacy URL e.g. http://localhost/admin/categories.php and does a redirect to set the 'cmd' parameter e.g. to cmd=categories

If the 'cmd' parameter does exist, it checks to see if an action class exists in admin/includes/classes/actions/admin

If an action class exists it will load it, and call the class's 'invoke' method. The invoke method checks whether an 'action' parameter exists in the URL and if so calls a method in the action class based on the 'action' parameter.

e.g. if the 'action' parameter = 'insert' then the insertExecute method of the action class will be called.

If no 'action' parameter exists then the default mainExecute method will be called.

If an action class does not exist, then again it assumes that we are trying to load legacy code. e.g. if cmd=categories it will load admin/categories.php

As mentioned earlier, Admin action classes should extend the AbstractController class, or another class that has AbstractController as its ultimate parent.

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