Sunday, January 06, 2019

Multi Language Configuration Menus

In v2, you can now have multilanguage Configuration menu entries. However, the creation of the language strings for the Configuration menu is done differently from the regular way other strings in a language pack are created.

To add strings for your a new language for the Configuration Menu, look up the database entry in the zc_install/sql/install/mysql_zencart.sql file.

For example, the strings used to set the Store Name in Configuration->My Store->Store Name are associated with database key STORE_NAME. To create non-english equivalents for these strings, create or edit the file


and preface the key with CFGTITLE_ to set the title and CFGDESC to set the description. So using the STORE_NAME example again,

define('CFGTITLE_STORE_NAME', 'Nombre de la Tienda');
define('CFGDESC_STORE_NAME', 'El nombre de mi tienda');

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