Sunday, January 06, 2019

New Templating Features in v2

shared folder

Zen Cart v2 adds a middle-tier to the template structure, to allow for "shared" customizations which might apply to multiple templates. These folders are available everywhere the "classic" folder exists (showing a templatable directory). So for example, if you create includes/languages/english/html_includes/shared/define_main_page.php, then any template you install will use this content for the main page; you don't need to replicate this file to includes/languages/english/html_includes/<new_template>/define_main_page.php when you create a new template.

Product Stock Indicators

Product-stock "availability" and product-"condition" indicators are now available.

Product microdata markup

Product microdata markup is provided for search engines to use.

Locale.php file

Language files simplified to relocate locale-specific content into a new locale.php file. Such things as date format, weight units and are now specified in includes/languages/english/locale.php. This file can be added to a template folder or to the 'shared' folder.

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