Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Welcome to Habitat

Habitat is a Vagrant-based virtual machine, with the ability to custom-provision the VM automatically based on settings you decide.

This is great for use on a laptop for portable offline use, or for doing development testing without installing special versions of PHP/MySQL/Apache/etc.

With default settings, it will link a current checkout of the zencart github repository to a domain name that you can access directly from your browser, all from within your own computer.

A yaml-based configuration system lets you customize your system by adding new shared directories which may map to new websites, and automatically clone other github repositories/branches into those websites.

See the links to the left for detailed instructions for installation and customization.

Habitat was inspired by Laravel Homestead

You can contribute to this documentation by forking the zencart/documentation repository on github and submitting Pull Requests.

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