Details for developers

Admin Request Sanitization

How data is sanitized on the admin side

Adding a Status-History Record to an Order

How to use the zen_update_orders_history function

Auto Inclusion System

What files are automatically included?

Building a Form

Adding a custom form to collect other data

Building a Home Page widget

Adding information to the admin dashboard

Configuration Data Validation - About

How is data validation done for configuration values?

Creating a new Admin menu item

Best practices for adding a link to a menu

Creating or altering a table

Modifying the database schema

Extra Folders

extra_datafiles, extra_definitions, extra_functions and extra_configures

Init System

How Zen Cart bootstraps itself

Notifier Report

Output of the Zen Cart Notifier Report plugin

Notifiers - List of

A complete list of Zen Cart Notifiers

Observer/Notifier System

About notifiers and observers

Product Types

Creating custom products with different data requirements

Program Flow

Execution Path for a Zen Cart Page Visit

Querying The Database

Using QueryFactory

Sorting an Admin menu

How admin menus can be sorted


Shipping, Payment and Order Total Modules

View Builders

A set of classes to aid in building pages/tables

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