Adding a child table to the products table

How to add a table linked to the products table by a foreign key

As an alternative to adding a field, you may wish to create a child table.

You can see cases where this is already done in Zen Cart: the products_description table is a child table of the products table, linked by products_id.

Why would you create a child table rather than just extend the products table? Here are some scenarios:

  • Some products may not need a child table entry.
  • Some products may need multiple child table entries.
  • Child table entries are required for each supported language.

The decision is yours, based on your needs.


  • You will need to build code to handle adding, updating and deleting this data.
  • What happens when a product is deleted? You may wish to modify admin/includes/modules/delete_product_confirm.php or the zen_remove_product function.
  • What happens when a product is copied? You may wish to modify admin/includes/modules/copy_product_confirm.php.

Then you will need to customize your template to display the new field.

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Last modified November 29, 2021 by Scott C Wilson (4d7f100).