Using the automated tests

Preparation / Initial Setup

To prepare to run the Unit Test test suite:

  1. First, install Composer:
  • go to getcomposer.org
  • download and install
  • follow the Getting Started instructions.
  1. Run composer install

  2. Add vendor/bin to your path.

The test framework exists in the not_for_release/testFramework directory.

Running Tests

Unit Tests

Unit tests can be run using

composer tests

in the root directory of your Zen Cart install.

Currently, there are no local configuration requirements needed to run unit tests.

Browser Tests

Automated browser tests can be run using

composer dusk

in the root directory of your Zen Cart install.

There are configuration requirements needed to run browser tests on your local machine.

Browser Test Configuration

If you want to run browser tests on your local machine, you will need to create 3 configuration files.

In not_for_release/testFramework/Browser/duskConfigures you will need to create a file called

$user.configure.dusk/php where $user is replaced by the user that your php scripts run as.

You can find this by echoing $_SERVER['USER'] in some php script.

An example file dusk.configure.php can be used as a template.

Note: The database user TESTING_DB_SERVER_USERNAME must have sufficient rights to create a database.

The other configuration files needs to be created in not_for_release/testFramework/Browser/zencartConfiguresand be named

admin.$user.configure.php and catalog.$user.configure.php again with $user replaced with the user the php scripts run as.

These configure files should be copies of the normal configure.php files that you would have in admin/includes/configure.php and includes/configure.php

Admin Alert Page

Normally, if the zc_install directory exists Zen Cart will display an alert page on any attempt to access admin URI’s. FIXME

Database Regeneration

When Browser tests are run, and in order to create some isolation between various tests the framework will dump whatever database you have set in the configuration files mentioned earlier.

It will then load the default database schema from zc_install/sql/install/mysql_zencart.sql and the demo data from zc_install/sql/demo/mysql_demo.sql

This means that if your testing database contains any changes from the default install, they will be lost.

If your need to keep your local changes then you must ensure that they have been added to zc_install/sql/install/mysql_zencart.sql and zc_install/sql/demo/mysql_demo.sql before running the browser tests.


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