Upgrading old plugins for 1.5 Compatibility

Upgrading old Zen Cart plugins for 1.5 Compatibility

A number of features have been changed or added in v1.5.0. This may have broken some addons which were built for older versions. The following information may be helpful as you prepare to upgrade your site and/or convert your custom code or addons to work with v1.5

Admin Menu Controls

The admin/includes/boxes/xxxxxx_dhtml.php files and admin/includes/boxes/extra_boxes/*.php files which formerly controlled menu choices have been removed. These files no longer have any effect on admin menus. Instead you will need to use the Admin Profiles menu to grant permissions to user profiles and profiles to users. You can use the admin menus (Admin Page Registration) to add the appropriate menu choices as well.

Plugin authors can use function calls to zen_register_admin_page() and zen_deregister_admin_pages() to install/remove menu options for their plugins.

Rewriting addon admin pages to use form POSTs instead of GETs

In the interest of mitigating against CSRF issues, it is necessary to use GET parameters only when indicating selection criteria, and NEVER when performing destructive actions or database write operations. There is a forum thread which outlines some guidance in the process of rewriting addons in this way: https://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?t=184616

Forms in v1.5.0 and newer must use security tokens such as those set by properly using zen_draw_form instead of hard-coded tags and must use POSTs for all CRUD actions, leaving GETs for only filter-related activities.

Last modified March 29, 2020 by Scott C Wilson (14cccfd).