Post-Release tasks

Post-Release Tasks for the Zen Cart Forum

  • Add the new version to the Zen Cart Version dropdown on the forum for new thread creation. (Note that this is not required for patch releases.)


- Login to the admin panel for
- Thread Prefixes -> Thread prefix manager 
- Where it says "Zen Cart version", click on Add Prefix 

then set prefix id, title (both) to the version 
e.g. v158
leave display order as 10 
click Save
  • Add the new version as a checkbox to the plugin version list. (Note that this is not required for patch releases.)


- Login to the admin panel for

- Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query 

insert into vb_dl2_zcversions (versiontext) values ('v1.5.8')

Other Post-Release Tasks

The first item applies to all releases; subsequent items are for major releases only.

A day or two after the build has been released when you’re confident that all is well:

  • Message all developers who have merge privileges using the Skype Dev Chat channel, and then unlock the branch you are building. Go to the branches page and de-activate the branch protection rule you created earlier (uncheck the “PR required” checkbox for the rule).

  • Begin process of formally merging release to Master/Main FIXME - unsure

  • Take some time to review the What’s New document in the release folder to be sure it’s complete.

Post-Release Things to Consider

  • Is it time to remove old versions from the plugin version list?

  • Is it time to hide older what’s new / changed files documents in the releases folder?

  • Are there old stuck posts on the forum that should be unstuck?

  • Check the Zen Cart and Zen Cart Documentation project for tags that mark things that need to be taken care of - there might be a ‘Post Release 1.5.X’ tag or something like that, for example.

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