Release tagging

We are now ready to tag the release.

You should already have a checkout of the release branch. Ensure this is up to date, especailly as you will have merged the version stamping changes.

Now we tag the release

git tag v1.5.8-alpha obviously replacing the release name as appropriate

git push upstream --tags

It may be that you may need to do some remedial commits at this point.

For any new commits at this point, we should manually update headers as it is difficult to re-run the version stamper. You may also need to update docs and your Release Notes as well.

If you have added extra commits you will need to update the release tag.

git tag -d v1.5.8-alpha
git push --delete upstream v1.5.8-alpha
git tag v1.5.8-alpha
git push upstream --tags

After this we then need to create the release on github.

 Github Tags

By clicking on the … on the right hand side we can create a release.

Github Create Release

The title is usually the same name as the tag name.

The description should point the the release documentation.

Don’t for get to mark it as a pre-release if necessary.

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