Miscellaneous questions about the Admin

Miscellaneous questions about Zen Cart Admin
Some questions are important but brief. To make managing this FAQ easier, these questions are grouped in a single page, rather than separating each one into an individual article.

Why are there so many configuration settings in the admin?

It’s a balance - every setting in the admin is one more change you can make to your store without needing to modify code. Zen Cart is designed to be storeowner-friendly in the sense that you can customize your cart without being a software developer.

We have attempted to mitigate the complexity of the admin by providing documentation on the config settings. There’s even a way to view all configuration settings.

What determines if a product is New?

There are settings in Admin > Configuration > Maximum Values to determine what “New Product” means:

New Product Listing - Limited to ...
Limit the New Product Listing to
0= All Products
1= Current Month
7= 7 Days
14= 14 Days
30= 30 Days
60= 60 Days
90= 90 Days
120= 120 Days

ALTERNATIVE: If, however, you wish to hand-pick which items show up, then turn OFF the New Products box, and use Featured Products instead. See Admin > Catalog > Featured Products to pick the products.

How do I get my store home page to open to a certain category?

Open the Admin >Configuration >Layout Settings.

Find “Main Page - Opens with Category”

Type in the category you wish to open to.

example: 25  or 3_10 or 24_41_79

Then press Save.

How do I enable the “Customers Also Purchased” display?

  1. You need to have purchases in your store first … where customers bought “this” product along with “another” product.

  2. Set: Admin > Configuration > Product Info > Also Purchased Products Columns per Row.

  3. Set: Admin > Configuration > Maximum Values >Also Purchased Products.

Is there a way that I can check on what users with Admin access to my site are doing?

There isn’t currently a Zen Cart page to do this, but each time an Admin page is called, the access date, admin ID, page accessed, page parameters and IP address are logged in the admin_activity_log table. The contents of this table can be viewed via database management tools such as phpMyAdmin. The table may also be exported using Admin > Admins > Admin Activity Logs.

How do I add or delete categories?

See how do I add a new category? and how do I delete a category?

How do I add or delete products?

See how do I add a new product? and how do I delete a product?

How do I use another currency instead of US Dollars?

See how do I use another currency?

How do I generate a report on banner advertising?

Banner statistics are tracked on an ongoing basis. When you open Admin > Tools > Banner Manager, you can see the last 3 days’ details on-screen.

For more information, under the “Action” column, you see a small white graph symbol. Click on that to view stats for day/month/year.

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