Miscellaneous Email Questions

About email in Zen Cart
Some questions are important but brief. To make managing this FAQ easier, these questions are grouped in a single page, rather than separating each one into an individual article.

How can I add a message to my order confirmation emails?

In Zen Cart 1.5.6, a plugin called Order Message was pulled into the Zen Cart core. To use it, edit the file includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/email_extras.php and set the defined constant EMAIL_ORDER_MESSAGE with your message.

If your Zen Cart version is prior to 1.5.6, you may still use the Order Message plugin.

How can I email all my customers about a sale or promotion?

Sending large numbers of emails from your own hosting account is no longer recommended.
See Newsletters for alternatives.

Where are the emails sent by Zen Cart stored?

By default, sent emails are not stored. You may however turn on saving emails using setting the Email Archiving Active configuration value to true, and you may view stored emails using Email Archive Manager.

NOTE: This email_archive table, where emails are stored, grows large quickly, so be sure to cull it frequently.

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