Shipping Modules - Miscellaneous Questions

Zen Cart Shipping Modules - Miscellaneous Questions
Some questions are important but brief. To make managing this FAQ easier, these questions are grouped in a single page, rather than separating each one into an individual article.

Can I skip the shipping selection page when shipping is free?

Set all products as free shipping in by editing each one and setting the button in the middle of the product-info/edit screen.

Then enable the free shipping module..

This will allow shipping to totally bypass the shipping page.

How do I enable free shipping for orders more than $XX?

Go to Admin > Modules > Order Total. Then select Shipping from the list. If the module is not installed click the install. After it is installed click edit and configure to allow free shipping.

How do you clone a shipping module?

See the clone shipping module FAQ in the development area.

How can I set up individual shipping charges per item?

The per-weight shipping module can be used for this.

  1. Turn on the Per-Unit (perweightunit) shipping module in Admin > Modules > Shipping

  2. Now manually edit each product and enter the shipping cost as the product “weight”. This module uses the product-weight as the shipping rate for this product. This means the weight field is no longer the weight – it is only the shipping cost.

  3. Turn off weight display everywhere, since it is no longer meaningful.

    a) Turn off weight display on the product info page.

    b) Admin > Configuration > Shipping/Packaging > Display Number of Boxes and Weight Status

    c) Admin > Configuration > Index Listing / All Listing / New Listing / Featured Listing - all must be changed to not display the weight.

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