Miscellaneous Template Questions

Miscellaneous Questions about Templates in Zen Cart

Before you read this article, please be sure you are familiar with Basic Terms used in describing Zen Cart files.

Some questions are important but brief. To make managing this FAQ easier, these questions are grouped in a single page, rather than separating each one into an individual article.

How do I find the value of a configuration setting?

If you’re modifying a template and you want to check a config value, you can look at the All Configuration Settings page and do a search for the configuration title. The configuration key will be shown when you find it, and you can use that in your code. The configuration key is created as a defined constant as part of the initialization code.

Example: You want to display the value of the email address that emails are sent from.

Go to the page linked above, and search for sent FROM. You’ll see that the configuration key is EMAIL_FROM. It’s a defined constant so it doesn’t need a $.

echo "We welcome your feedback - just email " . EMAIL_FROM . ".<br />"; 

Conversely, if you’re modifying a template, you might see a config like SHOW_TOTALS_IN_CART. If you want to know where it is set, look at the All Configuration Settings page, and search for it. When you see it, look back up to the last header, you’ll see it’s in Configuration > Layout Settings, so now you know where it is set.

What’s the difference between templates and overrides?

Creating a new template means you are using the overrides system, even if just to create includes/templates/YOURTEMPLATE and folders below that. But generally, a new template also uses more overrides:

  • language file overrides like includes/languages/YOURTEMPLATE and includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE
  • code overrides like /includes/modules/YOURTEMPLATE

What can I not override?

See the list of non-overridable files.

What is template default?

See the template default FAQ.

I created a new template, but can’t see it in Admin > Tools > Template Selection

This can happen if you have forgotten to create the template_info.php file. See the template_info FAQ.

Why does this plugin not work with Template Monster Templates?

Zen Cart plugins often depend on built-in Zen Cart features, which are removed as an expedient by Template Monster developers.

If you’re using a Template Monster template and a change you are trying isn’t working, you’ll need to figure out the difference between the relevant default files and the files that your template is using, and restore the missing features.

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