What's Next for Zen Cart?

Upcoming changes to Zen Cart


🛑 PLEASE NOTE: The releases listed below have not yet been finalized, and this document is a work in progress.
These are goals, not commitments. Any of the improvements listed here might be delayed beyond the stated target release.

Future Releases (Not Yet Scheduled)

  • New Feature: Child Templates will be supported, so that storeowners can more easily determine what has been changed from the base release of a template.


The improvements targeted for v2.2.0 include:

  • New Feature: The Products Options Stock plugin will be integrated with Zen Cart. This feature will help storeowners who have product variants whose stock needs to be tracked (red large t-shirts vs blue medium t-shirts, for example). It is designed to replace the various “Stock by Attributes” plugins which are currently in use.


The improvements targeted for v2.1.0 include:

  • New Feature: The Zen Cart admin will be secured with Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Admin: FIXED - Searching for customers from the orders page would occasionally lead to a blank right hand infoBox.
  • Admin: FIXED - Selecting coupons on pages other than the first page would occasionally fail.
  • Admin: The template settings file may now be viewed from your admin page.
  • Admin: The date of last password change is now shown on the Users page in admin.
  • Admin: Product Price fields “Gross” and “Net” have been renamed to “Tax Included” and “Tax Excluded.”
  • Core: Retired Notifiers and Observers can be set to generate deprecated logs automatically.
  • Core: The introduction of the Product class continues the modernization of Zen Cart.
  • Core: Shipping modules now inherit from ZenShipping base class to reduce code duplication and ensure consistency.
  • Core: Zones module now has exception rules notifier. See this page for details on usage.
  • Storefront: Additional image matching rules now are enforced more strictly for new installs; see this page for details.
  • Extras: Improved and modernized utilities in the /extras folder.


Release 2.0.1 has been delivered; changes are now listed in What’s New in 2.0.x.

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