Developer Docs

Development Environment for Zen Cart

Writing PHP code for Zen Cart requires no particularly special environment.

  1. A PHP-aware IDE is useful. We use PhpStorm.
  2. A LAMP stack is useful for running a local dev store. Common options for this include XAMPP, WAMP/MAMP, and even Laravel Valet.

Code Formatting

Zen Cart uses PSR-2 formatting standards for “new” code. Older code uses a “modified” PSR-2 which embraces “2 spaces” for indentation, and often left the “opening curly brace” on the prior line, instead of starting on a new line.

Version Control

We encourage you to read the section on Git.

Admin Sanitization

How sanitization is done in admin

Code Contributing and Git

Information for developers on how to contribute to the project

EU Digital VAT

How the EU Digital VAT works

History of Release Dates

Release Dates for Zen Cart


Plugins and Add Ons for Zen Cart

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