Bug Reporting

What to do if you find a bug

Reporting Bugs

We welcome bug reports. Please ensure your bug reports align with the following standards:

  1. A clear description of the symptom, ie: the actual “problem”
  2. Clear specific (preferably numbered) steps which can be taken to recreate the problem consistently.
  3. If there are any pre-requisites needed to make the problem possible, such as configuring a certain Tax Rate for a specific State/Country, etc, those need to be clearly listed.
  4. Clearly state what you believe it “should” do, and why. If relevant, provide a URL to a resource which confirms the standard … for example a URL to the correct address-format of a certain country if you’re reporting that the formatting is wrong in ZC for that country.
  5. Provide screenshots if possible or relevant.
  6. If the bug has been discussed on the Zen Cart support forum, include the URL to that discussion thread.

Posting the Issue on Github

To post your issue on github:

  1. Login to Github
  2. Navigate to the Zen Cart repository “Issues” page
  3. Check whether your issue has already been reported. If so, click on that existing issue and add a comment to it, explaining exactly how your situation is similar.
  4. If your issue isn’t already reported, click on the “New Issue” button and supply the info explained above. Be thorough and as detailed as possible.

Issue Labels

After you have posted an issue on Github, a Team Member may assign various labels to your Issue.

The current labels are :-

  1. Code Location
    1. Admin
    2. Catalog
    3. Checkout
  2. Issue Type
    1. Possible Bug (Where you have suggested that a bug exists, but this has not been confirmed)
    2. Confirmed Bug (where someone else has provided confirmation of the bug)
    3. Enhancement
    4. Code Reformatting
    5. Feature Request
    6. Question
    7. Refactoring/Optimizing
    8. Styling (where it relates to output html and/or css)
  3. Issue Status
    1. Up For Grabs (not assigned to a particular user)
    2. First Timers Only (for simple fixes to encourage those that have not committed before)
    3. In Progress ( Normally automatically added when a PR references an issue)
    4. Duplicate (Should reference the duplicate issue)
    5. On Hold
    6. Won’t Fix

Security Issues

If the bug you have found is a security issue, please do not release your finding publicly; instead, follow the security reporting protocol.

Reference Guide

More information on Github Issue Reporting

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