Plugins Zen Cart - developer information

Rules for Plugins

How to build a plugin that will be accepted

Tips on creating a plugin

Things to remember when creating a plugin for Zen Cart

Upgrading 1.3.X era plugins

Upgrading old Zen Cart plugins for 1.5 Compatibility

Adding a configuration setting

How to add a new defined value to the database

Admin HEAD content

New standards for head element in admin files

Adopting an orphan plugin

Stepping forward to take care of an abandoned plugin

Encapsulated Plugins

A new architecture for writing plugins

Github as a source and documentation repository

Putting your Plugin on Github

Language File Loading Conventions

Which language files are loaded for my plugin?

Technical - Building help for your admin plugin

Creating easy-to-access help for your Zen Cart admin-side modification

Zen Cart Version Checking in your Plugin

Determining which version of Zen Cart you are running

Updating plugins for higher levels of PHP

Migration guides for newer PHP versions

Upgrading plugins to work with PHP8+/1.5.8+

Upgrading old Zen Cart plugins to work with PHP 8.x and Zen Cart 1.5.8+

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