Pre-Release Notes

These notes only apply to pre-release version updates, which are done at the time of initiation of a new release.

Git Work

The master branch is now the current release. If a patch is being done from a release in the past, create a branch for that patch.

Versioning files

Here’s what should be in these files for version 2.0.0-alpha1:

File Version
includes/version.php define('PROJECT_VERSION_MINOR', '0.0-alpha1');
zc_install/includes/version.php define('PROJECT_VERSION_MINOR', '0.0-alpha1');
zc_install/sql/install/mysql_zencart.sql project_version_patch1 for the two Zen-Cart Main rows should be New Installation-v200-alpha1
project_version_patch1 for the two Zen-Cart Database rows should be New Installation-v200-alpha1
zc_install/sql/updates/mysql_upgrade_zencart_200.sql project_version_comment for the two version rows should be Version Update 1.5.8->2.0.0-alpha1
zc_install/includes/systemChecks.yml Top checkDBVersion block should be version: '2.0.0'
zc_install/ajaxLoadUpdatesSql.php '2.0.0'=>array('required'=>'1.5.8'),
zc_install/includes/modules/pages/database_upgrade/header_php.php $versionArray[] = '2.0.0';

PHP Compatibility

If the new version has different PHP compatibility ranges than the prior one, be sure to update:

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