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How can I really test color contrast?


The Contrast Ratio Tool from Siege Media enables you to assess the color contrast of your website’s color combinations such as text and background elements, helping them meet accessibility standards and create a more inclusive digital experience for all users. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use Siege Media’s Contrast Ratio Tool to enhance accessibility and ensure that your content is easily readable by everyone.

Accessing Siege Media’s Contrast Ratio Tool

The tool may be accessed from SiegeMedia’s Website.

Understanding Siege Media’s Contrast Ratio Tool

Siege Media’s Contrast Ratio Tool is a free and user-friendly web-based tool that evaluates the color contrast of text and background elements on web pages. The tool calculates the contrast ratio between the foreground text and background color, presenting a clear result indicating whether the combination meets the accessibility guidelines set forth by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

  • Accessing the Contrast Ratio Tool - To get started, you can enter the hexadecimal color codes of your text and background elements or use the color picker provided by the tool. The tool instantly calculates the contrast ratio between the two colors and displays the result.

  • Understanding WCAG Compliance Levels - The Contrast Ratio Tool provides you with a clear indication of whether your color combination meets the accessibility guidelines outlined by WCAG. The results are categorized into three levels: “Pass,” “Fail,” and “AA/AAA.” The “Pass” level indicates that the contrast ratio meets the minimum accessibility requirement. The “Fail” level suggests that the contrast ratio is inadequate and may be challenging for some users to read. The “AA/AAA” level signifies that the contrast ratio meets the more stringent requirements for higher levels of accessibility.

  • Meeting WCAG Requirements - WCAG specifies minimum contrast ratios for various text elements, such as normal text, large text, and graphical text. For example, the minimum contrast ratio for normal text is 4.5:1, while the contrast ratio for large text (18pt or 14pt bold) is slightly lower at 3:1. The Contrast Ratio Tool helps you identify which text elements may require adjustments to meet these requirements.

  • Making Adjustments - If the tool indicates that the contrast ratio does not meet the desired accessibility level, you can make adjustments to your text and background colors accordingly. Increasing the contrast ratio by adjusting the colors can significantly improve readability for users with visual impairments.

  • Testing Multiple Combinations - The Contrast Ratio Tool allows you to test multiple color combinations quickly and efficiently. By evaluating various combinations, you can identify the most accessible color pairings for your content.


By integrating accessibility considerations into your web development process and utilizing Siege Media’s Contrast Ratio Tool regularly, you can ensure that your digital content is accessible and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their visual abilities.

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