Operating your store

Regular Periodic Maintenance

What you should do to keep your store running well

Adding an order status

What if I want a new order status?

Adding Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager

How do I install JavaScript snippets for 3rd-party tools?

Additional Software

Adding WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other software to your server

Admin Activity Logs warning message

What should I do about logs over two months old?

Backups - how do I do a site backup?

how do I do a site backup in Zen Cart?


How can I build a community? Does blogging make sense?

Broken Padlock

Why does my site show as insecure?

Colon Separated Pair configuration

Specifying configuration values using colon-separated pairs in Zen Cart

Down for Maintenance

Turning your Zen Cart store off for a time

Fixing a Mis-typed Email Address

My customer has a typo in their email address and now can’t login

Fixing Addresses

Fixing Customer Addresses in Zen Cart

Google Chrome Inspect

Using Chrome’s tools to keep your site healthy

Login as Customer

Creating an order on behalf of a Customer in Zen Cart

PHP Memory Limit

Checking and updating your PHP memory_limit

Resend Order Confirmation Email

I need to resend the checkout email to a customer

Resetting the Downloads Counter on completed orders

Resetting the Zen Cart Downloads Counter on completed orders

Setting up a local test environment

Using a Local Web Server to create a Development Environment

Tracking Inventory

Stock Management in Zen Cart


Getting visitors to your Zen Cart

Your Store Logo

How to use your store logo in Zen Cart

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