Suppressing sidebox display on specific pages

Zen Cart Suppressing sidebox display on specific pages

Example 1: I want to display the featured sidebox on my front page only, and suppress it from all other pages.

Create an over-ride for the sidebox’s module file. For the featured products sidebox, this would involve copying includes/modules/sideboxes/featured_products.php to includes/modules/sideboxes/YOURTEMPLATE/featured_products.php.

Open up your new sidebox module file and take a look at the code. Generally it will look something like this



// test if box should display  
  $show_featured= true;  

  if ($show_featured == true) {  



All we need to do is to change the line that reads

$show_featured= true;


  if ($this_is_home_page) {  
    $show_featured = true;  
  } else {  
    $show_featured = false;  

If your sidebox module doesn’t have a conditional such as if ($show_featured == true) { ... } wrapped around the code, then just add it (changing the variable name to something suitable and unique for your sidebox to avoid unintentionally turning off other sideboxes).

Example 2: I do not want to display any sideboxes on the checkout pages.

Modify the file includes/templates/YOURTEMPLATE/common/tpl_main_page.php.

Add this after the comment block at the top of the file:

if (in_array($current_page_base,explode(",",'checkout_shipping,checkout_payment,checkout_confirmation,checkout_success')) ) {
  $flag_disable_right = true;
  $flag_disable_left = true;

Example 3: I want all the sideboxes on the right removed.

Turning off each of the sideboxes set to display on the right in Admin > Tools > Layout Boxes Controllers is not enough. You need to reclaim the space by going to Admin > Configuration > Layout Settings and setting Column Right Status - Global to 0.

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