Categories/Products (Products Level)

Zen Cart Products Admin Page

If you are at a level where the Categories screen only shows products, there are a set of action icons on the right.

Product Listing Icons

These icons allow you to:

Using the green pencil will put you on the product editing page, which is a key page for configuring your products.

The product edit screen shows you the master category id value for a product, which tells you the category the product is in.

Master Category for a product

If the product is a linked product it will have other category associations, which can be managed in the Products to Categories page.

The product edit screen also allows you to set the following values for a product:

FIXME add explanations

  • Products Status:Enabled Disabled
  • Date Available:
  • Products Manufacturer:
  • Products Name:
  • Product is Free:Yes No
  • Product is Call for Price:Yes No
  • Product Priced by Attributes:Yes No
  • Tax Class:
  • Products Price (Net):
  • Products Price (Gross):
  • Product is Virtual:Yes, Skip Shipping Address No, Shipping Address Required
  • Always Free Shipping:Yes, Always Free Shipping No, Normal Shipping Rules Special, Product/Download Combo Requires a Shipping Address
  • Products Quantity Box Shows:Yes, Show Quantity Box No, Do not show Quantity Box
  • Product Qty Minimum:
  • Product Qty Maximum:
  • Product Qty Units:
  • Product Qty Min/Unit Mix: Can products with different attributes be combined to reach the Product Qty Minimum threshold. See What does MIXED ON mean?
  • Products Description:
  • Products Quantity:
  • Products Model:
  • Products Image:
  • Products URL:
  • Products Shipping Weight:
  • Sort Order:

For more information, see the product FAQs.

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