Shipping Dimensions

product dimensions and shipping configuration

Starting in Zen Cart 2.0, the following fields are added to assist shipping module developers who wish to offer dimensional shipping:

Screen Table Field Description Other
Product Edit products products_length Length of product
Product Edit products products_width Width of product
Product Edit products products_height Height of product
Product Edit products products_ready_to_ship Does product ship in its own box
Configuration > Shipping configuration Shipping Weight Units Is products_weight expressed in pounds or kg? Configuration key is SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNITS
Configuration > Shipping configuration Shipping Dimension Units Are products length, width and height expressed in inches or centimeters? Configuration key is SHIPPING_DIMENSION_UNITS

The screens referenced above are:

Metric users please note:

  • When you change SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNITS to kg you will also want to change these language defines in includes/languages/YOURTEMPLATE/lang.english.php:
    • TEXT_SHIPPING_WEIGHT This way your storefront will show the correct units.

Your admin will show the units which are indicated by the setting of the two constants above, SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNITS and SHIPPING_DIMENSION_UNITS.

The screenshot below shows the new fields in the Product Edit and Configuration > Shipping screens:

Shipping Dimension Fields

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