How to install Zen Cart

If you are just starting and need basic initial installation instructions, please see how do I install.

How do I create a MySQL database?

Using cPanel to create a MySQL database

How do I enable SSL after I have installed Zen Cart?

Making your cart use SSL

How do I validate the integrity of a downloaded file?

Checking SHA1 or MD5 checksums

Moving to another server

Steps to use when changing hosters

Moving your Zen Cart folder

Switching between subfolder and root deployment, or changing subfolder name

Permissions on files and folders

What access levels should be used?

Picking a hoster

Selecting a company to host your cart

Renaming Your Admin Folder

Obfuscating the path to your admin


Putting your cart in a subfolder

What does "Connection to Database failed" mean?

I get the message “Access denied for user myname@localhost”

What is CHMOD?

What do those 3 digits mean?

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