What is a Template?

Basic information about how to change your site’s appearance

Before you read this article, please be sure you are familiar with Basic Terms used in describing Zen Cart files.

What is a template?

A template (sometimes called a “theme”) is a set of files that controls how the Zen Cart storefront looks.

The following list outlines the elements of a template:

  • Template Pages - how content display is structured
  • Header - top part of template, including logo and top menu area if any
  • Sideboxes - narrow pieces of content that are placed on the left and right edges of all pages
  • Centerboxes - wide pieces of content that are placed in the center of the page on specific pages
  • Stylesheet - the CSS that controls the layout of the site
  • Responsiveness - modern templates must look good on mobile devices like phones and tablets

What’s the difference between templates and overrides?

Creating a new template means you are using the overrides system, even if just to create includes/templates/YOURTEMPLATE and folders below that. But generally, a new template also uses more overrides:

  • language file overrides like includes/languages/YOURTEMPLATE and includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE
  • code overrides like /includes/modules/YOURTEMPLATE

What can I not override?

See the list of non-overridable files.

What is template default?

See the template default FAQ.

I created a new template, but can’t see it in Admin > Tools > Template Selection

This can happen if you have forgotten to create the template_info.php file. See the template_info FAQ.

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