Printing Shipping Labels

Options for printing shipping labels

While Zen Cart doesn’t provide a Carrier Shipping Label service/feature, here are some options to consider.

Packing Slip

In some cases the Packing Slip, which you can print from your Admin screens, can be used directly on the package, or in a windowed-envelope affixed to the package.

Printing Labels from PayPal

One little-known tip is that PayPal’s Ship Now feature allows you to Pay for and Print shipping labels] from your account on their website.

You enter the details of the shipment (address, package dimensions), select a service, pay for it, and they provide you the label for printing. Their fees are often better than many of the other companies providing broader services.


ShipStation allows you to pring pre-paid mailing labels for Zen Cart orders.


The Copy Shipping Label plugin copies an order’s destination shipping address to your computer’s clipboard so that you can paste it into a labelmaker.

There are some commercial plugins which interact with the shipping/carrier companies to allow submission of orders, retrieval of tracking numbers, etc. Many do not charge any extra fee for this ability beyond the actual shipping cost.

Be sure to assess the company’s offer to ensure that it meets your needs.

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