How to use the EZ-Pages feature

What are EZ-Pages?

The easiest way to add content to your site

EZ-Page Not Found

When I go to my EZ-Page, it says the page you were attempting to access cannot be found

EZ-Pages sidebox

Customizing the Important Links sidebox

How can I add Meta Tags to my EZ-Pages?

I want a custom meta title and meta description setting

How can I create a link to an EZ-Page?

Using the zen_ez_pages_link function

Long EZ-Pages are getting cut off

Is there a size limit to EZ-Pages?

Showing EZ-Page Links

What determines when an EZ-Page link appears?

Sitemap support for EZ-Pages

Adding EZ-Pages to your site map

Turning sidebox display off/on on an EZ-Page

I don’t want sideboxes to show on my EZ-Pages

What is the EZ-Pages Footer Bar?

Showing links to your EZ-Pages in the footer

What is the EZ-Pages Header Bar?

Showing links to your EZ-Pages in the header

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