Communication Issues with UPS, PayPal, etc.

Using the utilities in the extras folder to diagnose communication issues

Zen Cart comes with a folder of utilities called /extras.

This folder should not be kept on a live site; it should only be present during troubleshooting or debugging.

The following scripts can be run from the /extras folder:

  • curltester.php - Tests cURL communication to some common third party services. Useful parameters for curltester.php are:

    • d=1 or details=1 – show CURL connection details – useful for determining cause of communications problems
    • r=1 – show Response obtained from destination server – this may contain an error message, but usually means communication was okay
    • i=1 – in conjunction with d or r, will show the detailed curlinfo certificate data from the host being connected to. Helpful for advanced debugging.
  • ipncheck.php - Determines if your server is able to connect TO PayPal in order to respond to an incoming IPN notification. (Note: To check whether PayPal can POST and IPN to your store, run a live transaction.)

    Common symptoms of bad IPN communications:

    • orders not showing up in Zen Cart but PayPal receipt issued when using PayPal IPN module
    • echeck updates not completing when using Express Checkout module

Execution of the scripts can be done by entering the following in your browser’s address bar (after uploading the /extras folder):

(where script-name is the name of one of the scripts above.)

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