Admin System

Admin controls and how to use them

Why is the Admin area so busy?

Why so many options? Also, where’s the feature I want?

Admin Password - Resetting or Changing

What to do if your admin password doesn’t work

Admin Site Specific Overrides

How to customize your admin behavior without modifying core files

How can I restrict my employees' admin capabilities?

Disallowing admin functions for some staff members

How can I tell if my products have attributes?

Categories/Products attributes indicator

How do I add or delete categories?

Category management in admin

How do I add or delete products?

Product management in admin

How do I increase the number of products per page in admin?

Categories/Products rows per page

How do I set up banners? and report on banner ads?

Banner management in admin

How do I set up meta tags for my site?

Meta Tags: title, description and keywords

How do I sort products in the admin

Categories/Products sort order

I want to enable/disable some sideboxes

Conditional sidebox display

Is there a way that I can check on what users with Admin access to my site are doing?

Monitoring admin users

Master Password - Logging into a customer's account

How to login to place an order for a customer

New Products - what is the age cutoff?

What determines if a product is new?

New/Featured/Special/Upcoming Products sections

Zen Cart Centerbox enable / disable

Page format in the admin

What are the parts of an admin page?

The Developer's Toolkit

Searching your cart files using the admin

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