Adding a message to the checkout email

How do I add a message to my order confirmation emails?

Since Zen Cart 1.5.6, the capability to add a static message to the order confirmation email has been built in. The file containing the message is located at includes/languages/english/email_extras.php. If you edit the file, save it as includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/email_extras.php to add it to your template’s override. If the file already exists at includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/email_extras.php, then set the defined constant EMAIL_ORDER_MESSAGE with your additional message and save the file.

There is also a notifier called NOTIFY_ORDER_SET_ORDER_MESSAGE which fires when the message is being added, providing the opportunity for customization.

If your Zen Cart version is older than 1.5.6, you may use the Order Message plugin.

You can test your changes to the checkout email using the Test Checkout Email plugin.

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