Template System

Template customization and building overrides

What is a Template?

Basic information about how to change your site’s appearance

Basic Template Customizations

What are the most common template changes people do first?

Template Overrides System

What’s the best way to change a template?

Accessibility Compliance Questions

WCAG and Section 508

Add image to sidebox or centerbox

Using a sidebox or centerbox to show product images

Adding a tracking pixel

Integrating with systems that use tracking pixels

Bootstrap Template for Zen Cart

What is the Bootstrap Template?


How to customize buttons

Can I use an image for a sidebox header

Sidebox headers don’t have to be text


What are Zen Cart centerboxes?

Columnar Layout for Category Listing pages

Presenting categories in a Grid

Columnar Layout for Product Listing pages

Presenting products in a Grid

Creating the template_info.php file

Why doesn’t my template show up in Tools > Template Selection?

Creating your own Template

The steps required to build a Zen Cart template


Stylesheet customization in Zen Cart

Customizing your Site

Customizing the appearance of your store

Define Pages

Customizing your store with define pages

Extra Pages

The built-in extra pages


How do I set my own favicon?

Font Awesome

The use of the fontawesome.io in your template

How do I add links to the Header and Footer?

Putting important links on every page

How do I enable "Customers Also Purchased" display?

Showing what other customers purchased

How do I find the value of a configuration setting?

Where are the all-uppercase strings set?

How do I remove and/or re-arrange the sideboxes?

Sidebox display and sort order

How to rearrange the product info page

Changing the product info page layout

How to show/hide text?

Using a disclosure widget

Index Listing Configuration

Configuring product listing pages and associated centerboxes

JavaScript Customization

Adding or changing JavaScript

Left and Right Columns - turning them off

Three columns, two, or one - your choice

Listing Page Layout

How Zen Cart shows multiple results on one page

Mobile or Desktop state?

Determining your visitor’s screen size

New Listing - Featured Listing - All Listing configuration settings

Configuration for New Products, Featured Products and All Products pages

New Listing - Featured Listing - All Listing configuration settings for Zen Cart v1.x.x

Configuration for New Products, Featured Products and All Products pages for Zen Cart v1.x.x

Other templates for Zen Cart

Changing the appearance of your cart by using a new template

Page format in the storefront

What are the parts of a page?

Page types in the storefront

What kinds of pages are available?

Pagination in Zen Cart

How do you display a large number of results?

Privately testing a new template

Allowing an admin test a new template on a live site

Product Listing configuration settings

Configuration for Product Listing pages

Responsive Classic Template for Zen Cart

What is the Responsive Classic Template?

Responsive Templates

What makes a template responsive?


What are Zen Cart sideboxes?

Site Footer

How can I change my storefront footer layout?

Site Header

How can I change my storefront header layout?

Switching templates

Changing configuration values when template changes

Template Default - what is it?

What is the default template?

Template Images

What directories contain all the template images, buttons, and icons?

Template Pages

Controlling what a page looks like

Template Updates

Keeping your custom template up to date.

Why does this plugin not work with Template Monster Templates?

Plugin works with template_default or responsive_classic, but not my template

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