Dealing with problems as they come up


What do I do with this message?

Admin menu item is missing

I can’t find an item in my Admin menu

Admin Password - Resetting or Changing

Reset your admin password using these steps

Admin password expired

Why do I have to change it?

Blank Page troubleshooting

How do I fix a blank page or partial blank page?

Blocking Attacks

How do I keep these bots away from my site?

Can't login or stay logged in or add-to-cart

PHP Session Handling in Zen Cart

Communication Issues with UPS, PayPal, etc.

Using the utilities in the extras folder to diagnose communication issues

Constant already defined debug logs

How to suppress logs saying a constant is already defined

Debug Logs

How do I interpret a debug log?

Diagnosing Obscure Issues

Strategy for digging into root causes of problems

Email Troubleshooting

What do to when email is not being sent and/or received

ERROR 0071 - There appears to be a problem with the database

What do to when it says “Maintenance is required.”

Error 2006 MySQL server has gone away or 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query

What do I do with this message?

Errorlog access

Where do I find my server’s errorlog to review server-side problems?

Fatal error from an undefined constant

How do I fix an undefined constant debug log?

HTTP response codes

What do 500, 404, 200 mean?

I can't login to the Admin after installing Zen Cart

Post installation login issues

I've got TEXT_MAIN being displayed on my page

Unexpected uppercase words showing in page content or error logs

max_user_connections exceeded

Seeing max_user_connections errors in logs

Missing Log Files

What if Zen Cart does not write to the /logs folder?

My Site Seems To Be Down

Checking Site Status

No data in my store after moving hosts

Where is my data?

Parse error: unexpected T_STRING (or similar)

How do I resolve this PHP message?

PayPal Debug Logging

Getting more information by enabling PayPal logs

Products and Categories at the Same Level

Restrictions on category contents

Secure and nonsecure items

Error messages “Unauthenticated content” or “connection partially encrypted”

Shipping Problems

Problems with calculating a shipping rate

Sorry, the page you were attempting to access cannot be found

Why won’t my EZ-Page show?

There seems to be a problem connecting to our database

What do I do when this message is shown?

There was a security error when trying to login

Sorting out expired or invalid form submissions

Understanding problems that occur after upgrading PHP versions

Updating PHP causes new Debug Logs

Warning: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

What do I do when this message is shown?

Warning: Headers already sent...

Fixing this PHP warning message

Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file

How do I make configuration files read-only?

Warning: Your Admin login is not secure

I get a “login not secure” message in my admin - how to fix?

What is STRICT mode for my database?

MySQL STRICT mode and its impact


How do I use this setting?

Why am I getting 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR messages?

How do I resolve an HTTP 500 error?

Why am I getting 500 or 406 or 404 or 403 errors during product updates?

Product Update returns HTTP status 500, 406, 404 or 403

Why are my images distorted?

Fuzzy, squished or distorted images

Why do my product names show up twice?

No, you don’t have double vision

Why does my define page not show up in Define Pages Editor?

I can’t see my custom define page in admin

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