Order Total Modules

Fees and Discounts you can add to an order

Order Total modules allow you to add a surcharge or a discount to the order.

The list of available order total modules may be seen by going to Admin > Modules > Order Total.

Zen Cart has a number of built-in order total modules which allow you to increase or reduce the total owed based on various factors in the order. Increasing the total is done using fees. Reducing the total is done using discounts like these:

  • Coupons - Create discount coupons for price reductions and free shipping
  • Group Discount - Offer discounts to groups of customers

All the line items in an order below the cart contents are order totals. This means the Sub-Total, Tax, Shipping, and Total are displayed via order total modules.

Zen Cart also offers a number of order total plugins, both fees and discounts:

More order total plugins may be found in the Other Modules section of the Plugins Library.

Developers wishing to create an order total module should see the order total dev FAQs.

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