How to configure and customize your store’s email

Introduction to Email in Zen Cart

Overview of the email system

Basic Email Troubleshooting

Emails are not being received - deliverability issues

Advanced Email Troubleshooting

Next steps for deliverability, including SFP, DKIM and DMARC

Adding a message to the admin order update email

Modifying emails which are sent when orders are updated

Adding a message to the checkout email

How do I add a message to my order confirmation emails?


What is an audience in Zen Cart?

Changing the Email Subject Line

Changing the Zen Cart Email Subject Line

Correcting Misspelled Email Addresses

Correcting typos in email addresses

Customizing Email

Changing the appearance of email sent by Zen Cart

Email Archive Manager

Keeping a record of email sent by Zen Cart

Email Transport Methods

SMTPAuth and other ways to send email

Exporting customer email addresses

Creating a CSV of customer email addresses

Fabricating Email Addresses

Creating email addresses for customers who don’t have them


How do I use Gmail for email?

How do I build HTML-formatted Email for other languages?

Multilanguage HTML email

How do I email all my customers about a sale or promotion?

Sending bulk email

How do I prevent my email from being treated like spam?

Customers can’t see my email because it goes to SPAM

HTML Email Templates

How HTML mail is formatted in Zen Cart

Logos in HTML emails

How do I change the logo in my Zen Cart HTML emails ?


Sending newsletters in Zen Cart

Using External SMTP Servers

Letting someone else handle your Zen Cart email

Welcome email

The email sent when a new account is created

Where are my emails stored?

What file has my email?

Why do emails not show in HTML format?

HTML email doesn’t work

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