First Steps

Getting started setting up your store

Miscellaneous Beginner Questions

Questions people ask when starting with Zen Cart

Basics - Default files, template default and overrides

Default Files, Override Files and Templates in Zen Cart Basic

Basics - Hosting and Domain concepts

Basic Hosting and Domain concepts for Zen Cart

Basics - Secure Access

Secure Access to your Zen Cart

Basics - Store Setup Checklist

Zen Cart Basic Store Setup Checklist

Basics - Terms and Definitions

Zen Cart Basic Terms

Basics - Useful Tools

Useful Tools for working with Zen Cart


Zen Cart - Databases


Zen Cart - Exploring the documentation

Downloading Zen Cart

Where can I download the Zen Cart code?

How do I Install Zen Cart?

Should I use Softaculous or Installatron?

SSL certificate - yes you need one

You need an SSL certificate to run Zen Cart

Server Requirements for running Zen Cart

What are the Server Requirements for running Zen Cart?

Version Information for Zen Cart, PHP and MySQL

Version Information for Zen Cart, PHP and MySQL

Where is the Admin / Back-end interface?

I don’t have an “/admin” folder!

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