About Shipping Modules

How can I ship orders?

Shipping modules allow you to charge your customers for delivery.

The list of available shipping modules may be seen by going to Admin > Modules > Shipping.

Zen Cart has a number of built-in shipping modules which allow you to charge for shipping based on various factors in the order:

  • Flat - Charge a single flat rate on all shipments
  • Item - Charge per item
  • Zones - Charge different rates for delivering to different zones
  • Table - Charge according to a table of rates based on weight, item count or item price, entered as colon-separated pairs.

Zen Cart also integrates with a number of shipping vendors using plugins:

More shipping plugins may be found in the Shipping module section of the Plugins Library.

Many shipping modules may be restricted so that they only work in specific zones - an existing one, or one you have created. To learn how to create a new zone, see creating zone definitions.

Developers wishing to create a shipping module should see the dev FAQs on modules.

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