Site Specific Overrides

More ways to customize your cart’s behavior without modifying core files

Note: This document is for the storefront side site specific overrides. Here are the Admin site specific overrides.

Setting Overrides

Starting in Zen Cart 1.5.8, a file called includes/extra_datafiles/dist-site_specific_overrides.php is provided.

Copy this file to


and customize to taste.

Many behaviors can be enabled or disabled by this file, such as:

  • displaying the About Us link in the Information sidebox ($flag_show_about_us_sidebox_link).
  • displaying the Accessibility Page link in the Information sidebox ($flag_show_accessibility_sidebox_link).
  • displaying the Brands page link in the Information sidebox ($flag_show_brand_sidebox_link).
  • (developers) whether to enable debug on the zcDate class ($zen_date_debug).
  • (developers) whether to bypass loading string-matches of legacy language files ('NO_LANGUAGE_SUBSTRING_MATCH') (see Substring Matching for details).
  • (developers) whether to disable loading the Font Awesome v4 shim if backwards compatibility is not needed ($disableFontAwesomeV4Compatibility).
  • whether a product’s additional images should be displayed if the product has no ‘main’ image defined ($enable_additional_images_without_main_image).
  • set category counts to count only distinct products: if a product is in two different sub categories of a parent category it will only be counted once ('COUNT_DISTINCT_PRODUCTS').
  • for Checkout Shipping, when no shipping method is available, substitute the Continue button with a Contact Us button ($show_contact_us_instead_of_continue).
  • for Product Listing: enable the legacy sorting by column heading ($show_table_header_row).

See the file itself for further details.

Information on the admin site-specific overrides file is also available.

Non-Database Setting Overrides

Starting in Zen Cart 1.5.8, a file called /includes/init_includes/dist-init_site_specific_non_db_settings.php is provided.

Copy this file to


and customize to taste. The settings that may be altered in this file are listed in the file includes/init_includes/init_non_db_settings.php.

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