Taking Payments For Orders

About Payment Modules

What payment processing options are available?

How do I get paid?

Understanding payment collection for your orders AIM Payment Module

Zen Cart AIM Payment Module SIM Payment Module

Zen Cart SIM Payment Module

Card Number Validation

How are credit cards validated?

Credit Card Authorize vs Capture

How do I authorize a Credit Card but not actually charge it until I ship the goods?

Manual Credit Card Collection - Potential Problems

Why you shouldn’t use manual credit card processing with online stores

My Payment Methods aren't showing up during checkout

Payment Method problems

PayPal - one account on multiple sites

Consolidating PayPal accounts

PayPal - Paying with Credit Card vs a PayPal Account

Customer questions regarding paypal

PayPal Error Messages

Understanding the various PayPal errors

PayPal Express Checkout setup

The preferred way to use PayPal in Zen Cart

PayPal Standard - Potential Problems

Why you shouldn’t use PayPal Standard

PayPal Standard, Express and Pro - what's the difference?

Zen Cart PayPal Standard, Express and Pro - what’s the difference?

PayPal/IPN Troubleshooting

Resolving problems with PayPal


How to collect payments with Square

Whoops timeouts after payment

Error when you return to your cart after offsite payment

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