The Customers page allows you to view your customers.

It shows your customers in a paginated list, with one line per customer. The most recently added customer is shown first.

Zen Cart Customers

The columns in the list are:

  • Customer ID
  • Customer Last and First Name
  • Customer Company
  • Date the customer record was created
  • Date the customer last logged in
  • Customer’s wholesale level if wholesale pricing is enabled (since 2.0.0)
  • Customer’s pricing group (if set)
  • Customers Gift Certificate balance (if any)
  • Customer’s authorization status (You can ban a customer by clicking the green icon so it turns red)

Clicking a customers record selects that customer and opens a preview on the right hand side of the page. From there, the customer record may be edited or deleted. Other available actions are

  • view the customer’s orders
  • email the customer
  • reset the customer’s password (since 1.5.5)
  • login as a customer and place an order (since 1.5.7)

Customers sidebar

Editing the customer record takes you to the customer details screen, which shows the customer’s default address, telephone number and email address, as well as other settings specific to that customer.

Edit Customer 1 Edit Customer 2

For more information, see the FAQs on customers and orders.

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