Upgrading your store

Upgrading - Quick Reference

Summary of Key Points For Upgrading

Why should I upgrade?

About upgrading and why it’s part of running Zen Cart

Standard Upgrade - Recommended Procedure

Upgrading Step By Step – and still keep my live store running in the meantime

Database-Only Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading if you don’t want to keep your customizations

Date standardization

Getting custom date fields set correctly

Fixing broken tables

Common MySQL table issues

Installer does not show an Upgrade button

I only see the Clean Install button

JavaScript Libraries

Keeping your JavaScript libraries current

PHP Warnings and Deprecated messages after upgrading

How to fix the most common PHP7 messages

Release Specific Upgrade Considerations

Watch for these changes if you are upgrading and preserving customizations

Mixed Collation Errors

How to handle “Illegal mix of collations” after upgrade

Technical - Converting from iso-8859-1 to utf8 or utf8mb4

Modern sites should use UTF8 or UTF8MB4

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