Zen Cart Categories Admin Page

The Categories/Products screen is a listing screen that allows you to view the products hierarchy for your store.

In order to add products to your site, you will first need at least one category.

Create a category by clicking the “new category” button. Note: Products must be placed inside categories.

You must have at least one category, and all your products must be placed inside categories.

Now click on the newly created category and decide what you want to do.

Do you want the category to have a subcategory or do you want to add products to the category? There can not be both products and categories in a category, it must contain one or the other. There’s no restriction to how many products or categories you can have in a category though, and there’s also no restriction to how many levels of subcategories you want. The only limitation is your server and how much it can handle.

When you know what the category is to be used for, click the appropriate button to create a new product or a new category.

Categories level

Generally at the top level of the store, you will have categories. Below this level, you may have sub-categories (possibly going several levels deep), eventually leading to a level of products only.

At the level where you only have categories, there are a series of action icons on the right.

Category Listing Icons

These icons allow you to:

  • edit the category
  • move the category
  • set category meta tags.

The categories edit screen allows you to:

  • set the category name and description
  • set the category image
  • set the category sort order
  • restrict new product additions to the category to only specific product types if desired. See Product Type Restrictions.

Products Level

If you are at a level where the Categories screen only shows products, you have a different set of capabilities. See Categories/Products (Products Level) page.

For more information on categories and products, see the categories and products pages.

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